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Logo: Blue decorative frame around words "Gallery at the Metuchen Library"The Library Gallery offers the community the opportunity to display works of art or personal collections of interest. Exhibit space includes secure upright or flat display cases in the foyer and open wall space in the gallery itself.

The Mission of the Library Gallery:

  • To serve our community educationally and aesthetically by exhibiting and fostering the arts in the community.
  • To provide exhibition space to promising emerging artists.
  • To highlight local artists in the community.
  • To provide a venue for established artists who wish to enrich the community by displaying in a local space.
  • To enable the public library to enrich the cultural life of Metuchen.

Interested in displaying an exhibit?
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For questions, please email the Gallery Director, Margaret Cohen –

Current Gallery Exhibit

Cartoon drawing of person holding basketball with collage of clippings in background. Cartoon image of two people playing basketball.

Visual Storytelling: a Celebration of Graphic Novel Art

On display May 4-June 26, 2024
Artist Reception: Saturday, May 18, 3:30-4:30pm (following Comics Fest)

“In comics at its best, words and pictures are like partners in a dance, and each one takes turns leading.” ― Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Graphic novels and comics are stories told via “sequential art.” This storytelling medium has become immensely popular in recent years. Graphic novels and manga are the biggest growth category in books, and webcomics on platforms like Webtoon and Tapas are taking the world by storm.

Metuchen-based literary agent Janna Morishima, who specializes in graphic novels, worked with her clients and friends in the industry to assemble this show.

As you can see in the work on display, while Americans have long associated “comics” with “superheroes,” that association no longer holds true. Contemporary comics and graphic novels feature the full gamut of genres, with stories aimed at every age level.

This show includes fantasy by Andi Watson and Joe Latham; slapstick humor for early readers by Shauna Grant, Steve Metzger and Brian Schatell; nonfiction for kids by David Rickert and Lindsey Leigh; magical realism by Debbie Fong; friendship drama by Misako Rocks; realistic fiction by Mike Dawson; memoir by Elizabeth Jancewicz and Eric Stevenson; and journalism by Tracy White.

The show explores these artists’ creative processes and their books.

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