Computers & Free Wifi


Public computers are available for use by adults and children at the Metuchen Public Library. There are computers located on the main level and the upper level of the library for adults and children to use.

There is one (1) Fast Access Computer available for public use across from the circulation desk. Individuals are allotted 15 minutes at this computer.

All must sign-up to use a public computer at the circulation desk on the main level of the library.  Individuals must provide a library card or a valid government-issued ID to sign up for a computer. All computer users are allotted 30 minutes to use the computer on a given computer, with the exception of those using the Fast Access Computer.

Please view the following policies for more information:

Computer Use Policy
Internet Use Policy
Social Media Policy
Library Behavior Policy



The Metuchen Public Library offers free wireless access (WiFi) to all visitors within the building. No login username or password is required.

To use the Library's Free WiFi Network:

  1. Have a computer or other device equipped with wireless internet connection
  2. When using the network functions on your computer, look for the wireless network named "MCPL" and click to connect

Metuchen Library WiFi Network Disclaimers:

  1. The Metuchen Public Library Wireless Network is not secure. Information sent to an individual's personal device can be captured by anyone with the appropriate equipment and technology.
  2. There is no guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection.
  3. Library staff cannot provide technical assistance.
  4. The library assumes no responsibility for security, configuration, or data issues or loss due to from connection to the library's network.