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Made possible through a cultural arts grant from Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, NJ Historical Commission and Middlesex County Office of Culture and Heritage.



How to Use the Digital Archives

For optimum performance use the latest version of Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader.

  • SEARCH: Basic Keyword Searching, Phrase Searching with quotation marks, Boolean Search under “any search words” vs “all search words,” and Truncation searching.
  • PRINT: Use the Camera tool to select what you want to email or print.  When viewing your document, right click on the top menu bar; go to “Edit,” then down to “Take Snapshot.” This adds the camera tool to the menu bar.  Click on it and drag a blue box around any item you want, select “Actual Fit” under size options, then choose PRINT.
  • EMAIL: Copy selected image to the clipboard or a Word document to paste the article, then send as an attachment from the EMAIL.

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