Driving Tests

Are you ready to get your Driver's License?

Driving-Tests.org has partnered with the Metuchen Public Library and offers free DMV permit practice tests. Get started today!


No library card is needed.

What's Included?

Your Driver's Education program contains the following state-specific information:

  • Ten (10) car practice tests
  • Six (6) motorcycle practice tests
  • Three (3) Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) practice tests
  • Three (3) online driver’s manuals (car, motorcycle, CDL)
  • An FAQ section with detailed answers to 100+ DMV-related questions


Note on accessibility: The new 'Read Aloud' toolbar (found in the footer of every page) includes tools that will allow users to hear selections read aloud, make them into MP3s, translate pages into other languages, magnify text, and mask sections of the screen for greater visibility. All our tests can now be read aloud for those with vision problems, ESL speakers, and those with learning disabilities, like dyslexics.