Standard one-sided printing is available at the Metuchen Public Library. The printers used are laser printers. Individuals are able to choose between having standard black-and-white printouts ($0.20 per page) or color printouts ($0.50 per page). All interested in printing copies must sign-up at the circulations desk.

Black-and-White Prints:
Those interested in printing black-and-white documents must sign-up on one of the desktop computers located on the main floor of the library. Please view the Computers & Free Wifi page for information about signing up for a computer. All printouts will come out at the circulation desk.

Color Prints:
Those interested in printing documents in color must inform those at the circulation desk. The individual must provide a flash drive that can allow their desired documents to be transferred to the printer that allows colored printing. The library is not responsible for providing flash drives. Flash drives may be purchased at the circulation desk for $5.00 if available.

Please Note: All individuals are responsible for each printed document that comes out of the printer from their assigned computer, regardless of its contents or intentions when printing.



A photocopying machine is available at the Metuchen Public Library. Photocopies are only available in black-and-white print and have the option of being printed on both sides of the page.  All photocopies are $0.20 per page, per side.

There is a coin machine located on the side of the photocopying machine for payment. Those interested in copying a vast  number of documents are encouraged to inform the circulation desk in advance for assistance.