Computers & Technology Services

Public Computers

Public computers are available for use by adults and children at the Metuchen Public Library. Computers located on the upper level are for use by children only. There is one computer available for scanning materials. Individuals are asked to limit their time to 15 minutes at this computer. Anyone wishing to use a public computer on the main level must sign up for one at the circulation desk. Individuals must provide a library card or a valid government-issued ID to sign up. All computer users are allotted 30 minutes of use on a given computer, with the exception of those using the scanner computer.


The Metuchen Public Library offers free wireless access (WiFi) to all visitors within the building. No login username or password is required.

To use the Library's Free WiFi Network:

(1) Have a computer or other device equipped with wireless internet connection

(2) When using the network functions on your computer, look for the wireless network named "MCPL" and click to connect.

Metuchen Public Library WIFI Network Disclaimers


Standard one-sided printing is available at the Metuchen Public Library. The printers used are laser printers. All interested in printing copies must sign-up at the circulations desk. All individuals are responsible for each printed document that comes out of the printer from their assigned computer, regardless of its contents or intentions when printing.


A photocopying machine is available at the Metuchen Public Library. Photocopies are only available in black-and-white print    There is a coin machine located on the side of the photocopying machine for payment. Those interested in copying a vast  number of documents are encouraged to inform the circulation desk in advance for assistance.

Wireless Printing

The Metuchen Public Library offers wireless printing services to all. Black and white pages are $0.20 per page. Staff cannot print individual pages from within a multi-page document so please upload only the pages you want to print. Using our wireless printing service, you can send a print job from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Once you have uploaded your documents to SmartAlec, they will be ready for printing. Come to the library during normal business hours and come to the front desk. Confirm your document and number of pages and you will be all set.


The Metuchen Public Library offers Domestic and International faxing services. Unfortunately the Library is not able to receive faxes for patrons.


The Metuchen Public Library offers free electronic scanning self-services (no printing). Please limit to 15 pages per session. No scanning of copyrighted materials are permitted.