Wireless Printing Service

The Metuchen Public Library offers wireless printing services to all. Pickups are available Monday through Thursday 10am-7pm and Friday through Saturday 10am-5pm. Curbside pickup is still available.

Black and white pages are $0.20 per page. Staff cannot print individual pages from within a multi-page document so please upload only the pages you want to print.

Using our wireless printing service, you can send a print job from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. To login, enter your Library Card number and PIN into SmartAlec.

Printing from a laptop

Log in to SmartAlec. Upload your document following prompts on the website.

Printing from an iPhone or other Apple device

Download the SmartAlec app from the Apple App Store. Share document with SmartAlec.

Printing from an Android phone or device

Download the SmartAlec app from the Google Play App Store. Send the document to SmartAlec, or choose 'print' and choose SmartAlec as the printer.

Once you have uploaded your documents to SmartAlec, they will be ready for printing.  Come to the library during curbside pickup hours and call the front desk.  Confirm your document and number of pages, and they will be brought out to you.

We care about your privacy. Documents submitted to print are automatically converted to PDF and deleted 24 hours after they are uploaded.